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    QuietRock vs Double Drywall: Prices, advantages, STC rating


    It’s time to ask the million-dollar question: QuietRock vs Double Drywall — which the various soundproofing  material is higher to put in?

    QuietRock is best material on the subject of most soundproofing. It’s also best if you’re strolling on a decent price range.

    examine more to discover why it outdoes its double drywall counterpart.

    The 6 kinds of QuietRock Panels

    So Which One stands out the maximum?
    in which to buy QuietRock products
    what is a Double-Layer Drywall?
    The 6 special types of Drywall Panels
    So Which One stands out the maximum?
    Which Sizes Are most common?
    in which to buy Drywall merchandise
    Which One Is better? QuietRock vs Double Drywall
    installation Time (WINNER: QuietRock)
    Wall Assemblies (WINNER: QuietRock)
    that is better to reduce Noise? [STC Value] (WINNER: QuietRock)
    floor space (WINNER: QuietRock)
    Ceiling cowl: which fits better? (WINNER: Drywalls)
    Resistance (WINNER: It’s a TIE)
    Availability (WINNER: Drywalls)
    material charges (WINNER: Drywalls)
    factors to recall when deciding on QuietRock vs Double Drywall
    other production techniques to try to improve Soundproofing
    QuietRock vs inexperienced Glue
    Putty Pads
    Resilient Channel
    ground Underlayment
    very last Verdict
    Use QuietRock IF…
    Use Double Drywall IF…

    what's QuietRock?

    QuietRock is the primary sound-dampening wall panel being sold in the marketplace given that 2002, as said by means of its producer PABCO Gypsum.

    It’s presently one of the most popular merchandise in the soundproofing drywall panels category.

    QuietRock utilizes a 3-layer tapered facet structure, with viscoelastic polymers in between gypsum layers.

    The center layer is the only responsible for dissipating sound waves. Gypsum cloth, alternatively, is the only doing the sound-soaking up.

    those kinds of panels can be implemented in any constructing shape, as a consequence ensuing in powerful SOUNDPROOFING!

    The 6 types of QuietRock Panels

    As a good deal as QuietRock is designed to lessen transmitted airborne sound, PABCO nonetheless gives numerous styles of drywall panels that cover a huge variety of functions.

    1. QuietRock EZ-Snap

    EZ-Snap has a 5/eight″ thickness and size of 4’x8′ up to 10′ inches. It weighs around 2.6lbs/ft2. it may be scored and snapped like everyday drywall. It’s additionally UL fire-rated (1 hour).

    Its STC cost is 48-60.
    cost in keeping with four’x8′ sheet: $eighty-$100

    2. QuietRock EZ-Snap mildew Resistant

    The simplest distinction this has from the EZ-Snap is it offers brilliant resistance to mold, simply because the call implies.

    that is encouraged for damp environments such as toilets, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

    price in keeping with 4’x8′ sheet: $ninety-$120

    3. QuietRock 510

    it's miles half″ thick, and its size varies, from four’x8′ up to 12′ inches. It weighs 2.13lbs/ft2.

    this is the most inexpensive among all of its sister products. It’s an entry-level product and is typically bought by way of people who are interested in modern domestic experiments.

    Its STC price is round 47-69.
    fee in step with four’x8′ sheet: $fifty four-$100

    four. QuietRock 530

    that is a heavier and denser drywall panel way to the following measurements:

    Thickness: five/8″
    Dimensions: 4’x8′ to twelve′ inches, and
    Weight: three.3lbs/ft2

    QuietRock 530 is sheer and effect waterproof. it works well with sound blocking off, thanks to its high-quality physical features.

    And much like EZ-Snap, it's miles UL-fireplace rated (1 hour) as properly.

    Its STC value is around 52-74.
    price in step with 4’x8′ sheet: $one hundred sixty-$200

    5. QuietRock 530 RF

    QuietRock 530 RF is like the unique 530, but this one’s responsible for soundproofing radio frequency.

    It’s crucial in information-sensitive areas like government groups. Controlling radio frequency noise is a opportunity because of the brought shielding characteristic of the wall.

    cost in step with 4’x8′ sheet: $170-$230

    6. QuietRock 545

    545 is heavier and thicker soundproofing drywall as it consists of eleven drywall layers, with 1-three/8″ thickness, 4’x8′ size, and weight of 6.25lbs/ft2.

    it really works thoroughly with low-frequency sound. this is highly recommended for recording studios, theaters, and domestic studios.

    Its STC fee is 60-eighty.
    cost consistent with 4’x8′ sheet: $350-$four hundred

    So Which One sticks out the most?

    In phrases of soundproofing panels, QuietRock 545 drywall, which is higher than everyday ones, is the best preference for this category. The only present disadvantage is it’s very luxurious.

    even though in case you don’t mind throwing out cash to gain maximum soundproofing for your private home, then pass for it!

    higher Sound Transmission elegance (STC) price may be finished with the proper method when building drywall panels.

    constructing QuietRock on a unmarried stud wall can produce as much as fifty six STC.
    Decoupling with a double-thick stud wall, STC can increase up to 75.
    putting in double of QuietRock 545 can produce a complete of a whopping eighty STC.

    So, in case you’re planning to install it, you could confer with the installation manual from QuietRock’s website for more accuracy.
    in which to shop for QuietRock merchandise

    you should purchase their drywall panels via their internet site. they have got a dealer locator, so you don’t have to worry approximately manually locating the shops.

    The rate indicated above only APPLIES to the united states and Canada. in case you need to recognize how plenty it sells to your location, touch the vendor.

    | professionals

    unmarried-layer drywall presents a noise transmission barrier identical to 8 sheets of ordinary drywall
    you can follow them over existing drywall (you can shop time, budget, floor space, and nevertheless lessen noise transmission)
    Its mass is heavier than everyday drywall
    they have a higher base STC score

    | CONS

    they are highly-priced
    a few aren't recommended for ceilings, especially QuietRock 510, as it could sag finally

    in case you want to install a legitimate dampening layer in your ceiling, you can try Pabco Gypsum Sound scale back. here are a number of its capabilities

    well suited with ceilings
    Fiberglass materials
    UL-fire rated (1 hr)
    Reduces sound and effect noise

    what's a Double-Layer Drywall?

    nicely, it’s essentially simply layers of drywall… now not kidding. It’s quite self-explanatory.

    Of route, some, if now not all, drywalls best encompass one layer. Doubling simply way which you’re going to put in every other one on the leading edge to enhance the effectiveness of soundproofing even greater.

    humans discuss with normal drywall with different names like:

    Gypsum panel
    Gypsum board
    Buster board
    Custard board

    but, it's miles generally recognised with the aid of its alternate call, Sheetrock.

    regular drywall sheets are typically composed of those  material:

    Plaster mixed with a selection of fiber
    Foaming agents
    Gypsum layers

    The panels have tapered edges as well, much like QuietRock.

    you could use traditional drywall panels on distinct building structures like ceilings, room divisions, and shelves. however most importantly, you can use them for soundproofing purposes too.
    The 6 exclusive forms of Drywall Panels

    much like QuietRock, drywalls are available in differing types as well:

    1. Whiteboard or everyday Drywall

    this is the most commonplace and cheapest drywall of all types.

    value per 4’x8′ panel: $12-$18

    2. green Board

    Its drywall layers have a green coating; it gives amazing resistance to moisture, but it’s not 7729ed14a4cbb62c88851c47b865930b. that is recommended for the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

    value in line with four’x8′ panel: $14-$18

    three. Blue Board

    This form of drywall is water and mold-waterproof; it’s terrific for lavatories and other areas with excessive humidity as nicely.

    cost according to 4’x8′ panel: $12-$15

    4. Paperless Gypsum Drywall

    because the call suggests, gypsum drywall panels are not protected with paper materials; they may be protected with fiberglass. they're water-proof mould and moisture.

    price in step with 4’x8′ panel: $12-$60

    five. red Drywall

    Its drywall sheets are moisture and mildew-water-proof; they're encouraged to be mounted in humid places.

    value in step with four’x8′ panel: $15-$60

    6. type X Drywall

    those drywall panels are perfect for soundproofing as they're thicker than everyday drywall panels. they are fire-water-proof (1 hr) as they're materialsated from non-flamable fiber material.

    fee per four’x8′ panel: $20-$60

    So Which One stands proud the most?

    type X drywall is the obvious preference with regards to choosing soundproofing panels. this is the not unusual desire of owners for its low price and availability too.

    So, if you’re considering doubling its wall layer, then that is the advocated method:

    A double of kind X with green Glue material among layers can deliver your STC up to 58, with 2-hour hearth resistance.

    It’s critical to construct it with a wooden stud wall to lessen structure-borne noise even more.

    one of the maximum famous manufacturers that promote an expansion of drywall panels, CertainTeed, affords preferred instructions to consult in case you want assist with installation.

    Which Sizes Are most not unusual?

    4’x8′ is the most common size among ALL drywall panels, however you can constantly get different available sizes from the closest suppliers.

    If you can’t discover your selected size, don’t worry because you DON’T want to spend a penny to request custom designed ones.

    Their mass isn’t that heavy either as compared to QuietRock’s. you could customize them in your liking!

    Drywall panels are available in numerous sizes, with three/eight and 1/2 inches being the most not unusual. however no matter their size and thickness, their weight will usually be around 50 to 70 lbs.

    where to buy Drywall products

    Lowes or home Depot? It’s as much as you.

    fortunately, you can purchase regular drywall panels in any kind of housing production store.

    And approximately the price, those on the above are simply an estimation. It nonetheless relies upon on the suppliers, so attain out to them in case you want to recognise the exact charge of your preferred drywall.

    | execs

    these partitions are clean to get right of entry to available on the market
    you can shop up cash as they may be low-value
    They may be applied to the ceiling tons easier
    they may be fast and smooth to put in

    | CONS

    Their mass isn’t that heavy
    they've a lower base STC score

    Which One Is better? QuietRock vs Double Drywall

    It’s time to peer the soundproofing duel among QuietRock vs Double Drywall.

    allow’s summarize all their key factors side-via-facet to look which among the two soundproofing  material gains the top hand.
    set up Time (WINNER: QuietRock)

    Going through two layers of drywall panels, making use of inexperienced Glue, and acquiring greater production materials for higher soundproofing takes numerous time.

    QuietRock, then again, can do a one-time set up and does no longer require other  material like inexperienced Glue.

    for this reason, you don’t want to absorb too much time for installation due to the fact one layer is enough for soundproofing minimum noise.

    putting in double drywall will take in extra time. Many layers of drywall are needed to reach the equivalent level of a single layer of QuietRock wall.
    Wall Assemblies (WINNER: QuietRock)

    Soundproof drywall panels require inexperienced Glue and greater creation materials for effective soundproofing.

    meanwhile, QuietRock is a STANDALONE cloth. Its mass is likewise heavier than drywall panels, making it more able to blocking off a valid.

    which means you received’t want greater panels or building  material like inexperienced Glue except you desperately need general silence.

    putting in drywalls would require more  material due to the fact one layer has an insufficient capacity to attain surest noise reduction.
    that is better to reduce Noise? [STC Value] (WINNER: QuietRock)

    QuietRock drywall, that is better than regulars in retaining higher STC price, is extra appealing to the eyes of homeowners.

    but you can attempt a few hacks that we’ll speak about under to growth value with out wasting cloth.

    to put it virtually, QuietRock has a better base STC price than a ordinary soundproof drywall.

    study greater: A simple guide to STC Calculation and rankings

    floor area (WINNER: QuietRock)

    Your partitions will depend on the to be had space you have got for your room.

    QuietRock takes up less area. Why is that?

    One layer is effective enough to carry out minimal sound blocking off. It doesn’t need more than one layers unless you want more STC.

    you can’t say the identical component in your ordinary drywall as it takes a number of area.

    bear in mind: you will want a couple of layers to reach the minimal stage of sound blockading; doubling walls could be necessary!

    Ceiling cowl: which goes higher? (WINNER: Drywalls)

    because of constrained sizes being supplied in QuietRock, they’re limited on the subject of ceiling packages. In contrast to drywalls, they are more size-flexible.

    It has also been determined that QuietRock simplest presents little sound blockading in the course of lab checking out.

    then again, maximum drywalls are effective!

    kind X has a popular 5/8″ thickness, and it’s also hearth-water resistant, which makes them a perfect ceiling cover for sound switch.
    Resistance (WINNER: It’s a TIE)

    this is sincerely up for your desire.

    QuietRock: they're water-resistant to fireplace, mould, sheer, impact, and RF penetration
    fashionable Drywall: they may be waterproof moisture, water, mildew, and fireplace

    Availability (WINNER: Drywalls)

    fashionable drywall, that's better than QuietRock when it comes to availability, is favored by owners as they’re much less trouble to locate.

    QuietRock: Their merchandise are pretty tough to get
    widespread Drywall: they're available anywhere.

    Materials costs (WINNER: Drywalls)

    QuietRock 510 with 1/2″ thickness and four’x8′ dimension already expenses $54-$100, while kind X, with simply the equal measurement, most effective costs $20-$60.

    now not to say that 510 is the cheapest one in QuietRock, even as kind X is the maximum pricey drywall. So, in short…

    If affordability is your top priority, you may need to move for everyday drywalls over Quickrock.

    On pinnacle of that, you might have already got existing drywall, lowering your fees even similarly.
    How am i able to shop assets?

    Now, there’s a realistic approach you could do in case you need to save sources:

    if you don’t need to dispose of your antique walls, you could simply buy a QuietRock wall to install over your old ones.

    They deliver a higher STC cost, specially in case your old partitions are type X. however in the event that they’re no longer, you could nevertheless buy some  material to use between the panels for better soundproofing.
    factors to recollect while deciding on QuietRock vs Double Drywall

    earlier than you decide what to shop for, keep in mind to do not forget this stuff first for better judgment:

    set up time
    Wall assemblies
    STC price
    ground area
    Ceiling cowl effectiveness

    And of direction, here are a few important records you need to examine too before diving:

    Sound Transmission magnificence (STC): it is a score that measures how well building structures can reduce sound transmission and sound vibrations from traveling throughout surfaces. The better the wide variety, the better (forty STC is common). essential word: STC is primarily based on the entire wall creation in place of man or woman panels.

    Absorption: it's far the procedure of soaking up a valid inside a room. It prevents sounds from growing echoes.

    Dampening: installing a legitimate dampening compound consisting of inexperienced Glue among multiple drywall layers facilitates save you sound vibration from visiting further. this may boom STC by way of 10 factors.

    Decoupling: It’s a manner of breaking pathways of sound vibration by means of building panels with steel or wooden studs.

    Mass: The heavier the wall, the less sound vibration can undergo.
    UL fire rating: It’s a rating that measures how long partitions can face up to fire in a specific quantity of time.

    Ceiling cover effectiveness: 5/eight″ is the standard size for ceilings. the use of half″ or three/eight″ will get your panels to sag downwards over the years.

    different production strategies to attempt to improve Soundproofing

    QuietRock vs green Glue

    Are you thinking why we hold citing inexperienced Glue time and again once more?

    well, that simply shows how much green Glue is an powerful alternative to people who don’t want to get QuietRock.

    to improve sound dampening, you could try manually adding inexperienced Glue between two layers of drywall panels.

    green Glue provides a few advantages:

    it's far MULTIPURPOSE; you could apply it to any kind of constructing structures
    it could make up for the mass the wall is missing

    however, applying green Glue isn't any easy assignment, specifically in case you don’t have any experience with construction.

    you have to comply with the instructions carefully, or you may emerge as needing to lease a expert worker to clean up your green Glue mess.
    Putty Pads

    Its fundamental reason is to manipulate the noise that’s being conducted thru electrical outlet boxes. it's far UL hearth-rated and may keep up a fire for up to 2 hours. STC cost can reach up to forty nine.

    you may get it right here.
    installation method

    remove the lid of the socket box first.
    Insert the pad after.
    placed again the lid once you’re completed.

    this is simply an outline. talk to commands on line for the whole guide. there are numerous approaches to put in it, however this manner is cleanser than others.

    Resilient Channel

    every other approach to improve sound dampening is by means of the use of resilient channels. Resilient channels are metal strips that improve acoustic performance when set up to aid framing.

    Resilient channels are incredible at soundproofing drywall and ceilings. it could reduce unnecessary noise, dissipate sound, and boom STC by way of 12-15 factors.

    it's miles very powerful, but unfortunately, it has a few concerning hazards:

    it could motive brief circuits
    requires expert set up

    that is most effective advocated for folks who are experienced with creation.

    read greater: Hat Channel vs. Resilient Channel: STC score, Effectiveness, protection

    floor Underlayment

    any other one you may do is get a floor underlayment. It provides a further layer on pinnacle of your ground to take in sound from areas below you. it is very convenient whilst you stay in an condo.
    final Verdict

    well, that’s all of what you can see within the QuietRock vs Double Drywall assessment.

    So, which materials is proper in your project?

    In our opinion, QuietRock is the apparent choice for decreasing sounds and blockading out extra noise. but, everyday drywall can nevertheless be beneficial in case you are looking for a barely cheaper alternative.

    it all comes all the way down to your cause and desires!

    Use QuietRock IF…

    You don’t mind buying a separate gypsum board materials in your ceiling.
    You DESPERATELY want a quiet environment.
    when you have invested a massive amount of cash into buying gypsum panels.

    Use Double Drywall IF…

    You don’t thoughts listening to minimum noise from different homes or rental homes.
    You don’t thoughts shopping for extra  material for the sturdiness of your drywall.
    You don’t thoughts your partitions taking up a big space on your room.

    My view on QuietRock vs Double Drywall

    we hope that in the course of this lengthy QuietRock vs Double Drywall article, we controlled that will help you solution the main question of this evaluation.

    We agree with you’ll be capable of select out the great one in your desires so that you can in the end attention on your paintings and get a very good night time’s sleep!

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