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    Does soundproofing with egg cartons Really Work?


    soundproofing egg cartons

    You may are becoming the concept from TV or in movies, however does egg carton soundproofing in reality paintings?

    Well, the fast solution to this is: now no longer in reality.

    Read directly to discover why the usage of egg cartons to soundproof a room isn’t ideal, a way to use them correctly for soundproofing, and another query you could have!

    Different Types of Noise

    Before we get into the nitty-gritty info of the usage of egg cartons for soundproofing and the diverse soundproofing cloth you could select from, it will likely be accurate that allows you to realize the extraordinary varieties of noise that someone will usually encounter.

    Airborne Noise

    Airborne noise refers to a valid wave that travels via the air.

    For example, while a TV or radio makes a valid, that is transmitted via the air till they arrive into touch with any strong floor.

    Once the sound waves hit this strong floor, it disperses, after which transfers the sound to the encompassing area.

    Structure-Borne Noise

    Structure-borne sound refers to sounds which are transmitted via any shape, which takes place due to an item making touch with that shape.

    For example, while your upstairs buddies stroll round on their excessive heels, the sound in their steps is transmitted via their ground, then via your ceiling.

    This touch creates waves which are transferred via the shape into the encompassing area.

    Egg Carton Soundproofing: Myth or Fact?

    The Egg Carton Shape

    You’ll word that egg cartons have a wonderful spherical shape, which evidently makes you observed it might be brilliant to apply egg cartons for soundproofing.

    When you operate those egg cartons for soundproofing, you region them in opposition to a floor like a wall.

    Ideally, the sound will become trapped withinside the spherical backside of the person areas for every egg, accordingly stopping them from bouncing off of a strong floor and in addition transmitting sound.

    Essentially, the sound will become trapped withinside the egg crates till they dissipate. And this can be proper if it weren’t for the substances egg crates are fabricated from.

    The Egg Crates’ Materials

    Egg containers are made out of skinny substances which have low noise soaking up characteristics. This makes them much less powerful as a soundproofing cloth, sincerely now no longer withinside the manner humans think.

    Soundproofing with egg crates isn't always a terrific long-time period answer to your room due to the fact their substances aren't long lasting and can not be cleaned.

    In effect, they may in all likelihood turn out to be broken quickly.

    Using egg containers isn't always as powerful at sound deadening as acoustic foam due to the fact its substances simply aren’t made the manner acoustic foams are.

    The Better Alternative to Egg Cartons for Soundproofing: Acoustic Foam

    While this isn’t technically a soundproofing cloth, acoustic foam nonetheless gives sound-soaking up characteristics which are powerful at noise discount.

    Acoustic foam is excellent used for decreasing echoes, consisting of in film theaters or studios.


    These acoustic foam panels are fabricated from a cloth this is a lot denser than egg cartons’.

    This approach that sounds can leap withinside the wallet which are shaped withinside the foam till it significantly reduces the sound’s strength, decreasing the general noise degree you will usually listen with out the acoustic foam.


    Acoustic foam is likewise a lot thicker than egg cartons, so it's going to upload mass to any floor you may follow it to.

    For soundproofing cloth, mass is essential. The better its mass, the higher it will likely be at preventing sound useless in its tracks.


    As to its texture, acoustic foam is gentle, which makes it a lot more difficult for sound to dance off of the cloth. Egg containers, on the opposite hand, aren’t bendy at all.

    While this makes it accurate for eggs, it isn’t accurate for soundproofing due to the fact sound can without problems leap off of its cloth and fly into the encompassing area till it collides with any other item.

    Ease of Installation

    When putting in soundproofing techniques yourself, it’s essential you furthermore mght don't forget the time and paintings it's going to take.

    Acoustic foam has a flat facet at the again that makes them pretty clean to stick on your partitions.

    This is not like egg cartons, that have that spherical sample on each sides. This makes them extra hard to paste onto your partitions and will increase the probability of them falling on their own.

    We’re certain that’s some thing you’d want to avoid, as it might be a trouble to maintain sticking egg cartons onto your wall each day.

    READ MORE: How to Properly Hang Acoustic Foam Panels Without Damaging Walls

    How to Use Egg Cartons for Soundproofing

    Despite its shortcomings, egg containers can nonetheless provide a few form of sound discount to be able to fairly assist soundproof a room.

    They are extremely good for decreasing minimum quantities of noise while not having to spend a lot.

    It bears stressing which you need to now no longer assume egg cartons to seriously or reasonably effect sound discount.

    But in case you nonetheless need to present egg cartons a attempt to save you very low stages of noise, here's a simple evaluate of what you may want to do.

    Step 1: Gather Your Egg Cartons and Materials

    The first step with any mission is making sure you've got got all of the substances you'll be needing.

    For this, acquire sufficient empty egg cartons or egg crates. This is an extremely good manner of recycling antique egg cartons you obtain your eggs in.

    Make certain the egg cartons you're the usage of aren't fabricated from plastic, as this may have 0 soundproofing characteristics.

    The excellent egg cartons to apply are the ones fabricated from foam, as you could fairly smooth them. Paper egg cartons maintain a scent and are not possible to smooth for the duration of your use.

    If you need to in addition lessen your carbon footprint, you could prefer to use cardboard as opposed to egg containers.

    You may even want a few form of adhesive that you could competently use to your partitions, consisting of staples, nails, tape, superglue, or push pins.

    Remember that if this mission doesn’t training session or you convert your thoughts later on, you could select to dispose of the egg cartons. So don't forget that earlier than making everlasting holes for your partitions.

    Step 2: Clean Your Egg Cartons

    Eggs can frequently by accident crack interior their egg crate, so make certain to apply cartons which are smooth.

    Raw eggs aren't most effective terrible for you due to all of the micro organism they contain, however additionally due to the scent they are able to broaden the older the smears are.

    Inspect every egg crate and throw away any which have any egg smears, stains, or shells interior of them. If you're the usage of foam cartons, you could wipe small quantities of egg in them.

    Step 3: Add Layers to Your Egg Cartons

    This is an optionally available step, however we quite advocate it in case you need to present your egg cartons the excellent threat of decreasing noise.

    As we’ve mentioned, egg cartons aren’t superb at soundproofing a room now no longer their own.

    To enhance the effectiveness of the usage of egg cartons, we advocate stuffing them with portions of paper, fabric, or foam interior their opening.

    This will upload layers and enhance their density so they can soak up sound strength higher. It will pressure sound waves to undergo extra layers and assist disperse them extra without problems.

    You also can use this step to present the again (the facet you may keep on with the wall) of your egg cartons a flatter floor in order that they may be simpler to connect on your partitions.

    Step 4: Add Layers to the Wall

    Again, that is an optionally available step. However, the trick to the usage of a skinny cloth like egg cartons is to feature as many layers as you could among it and the wall.

    We quite advocate the usage of gentle substances, consisting of antique blankets, to your partitions.

    Attach them previous to sticking to your egg cartons to offer an extra buffer. You also can use curtain rods and cling them from there.

    You also can prefer to use soundproofing blankets at this stage.

    Step 5: Attach the Egg Cartons

    Get your smooth egg cartons and fasten them to the wall with the adhesive or cloth of your choice. Secure them in region in order that they won’t randomly fall off on their own.

    Ensure which you cowl the complete floor of the wall together along with your egg cartons, because the smallest gaps can notably effect the soundproofing you may get and additionally sound waves to head spherical the egg trays.

    Most Affordable Ways to Soundproof A Room

    The excellent manner to apply egg cartons is to accomplish that in conjunction with different techniques, like soundproofing blankets, carpets, and different substances.

    And in case you really need to put money into your recording studios, dispose of egg crates altogether and prefer to use extra powerful soundproofing options instead.

    There are lots of factors you could use to lessen echo and enhance acoustics while not having to spend a lot.

    Contrary to what maximum humans think, our recommendations beneath paintings excellent while you operate them together, and now no longer simply keep on with one answer.

    However, we need to remind you that this may most effective paintings to lessen noises. True soundproofing calls for an widespread funding of time, effort, and money.

    Doors and Windows

    A lot of the noise that may byskip into and out of a room is going via small gaps withinside the partitions, doorways, and home windows.

    Therefore, it's far essential which you first test your doorways and home windows earlier than you soundproof.

    If you could sense a draft or wind, even if your doorways and home windows are closed, which means there may be an opening among their body and the wall in which sound can byskip via.

    For those, we advocate the usage of an acoustic sealant. You can use this for another gaps or holes you could see to your partitions and ceilings, as well.

    You need to additionally use a draft stopper to your doorways and home windows to in addition soundproof them. Weatherstripping tape is likewise a brilliant opportunity in case you don’t need to make everlasting adjustments simply but or need to in addition enhance your soundproofing techniques.

    Of course, we are able to additionally quite advocate which you use soundproofing curtains. You can without problems set up them the usage of railings above a window or door and alongside all of your partitions.

    If you could’t find the money for valid soundproofing curtains, transferring blankets, or different curtains fabricated from dense substances may be a appropriate opportunity.

    As we’ve mentioned, an extremely good opportunity to egg crates for soundproofing is acoustic foam.

    They make acoustic foam panels to your room out of denser, thicker, polyurethane foam this is higher at soaking up sound. Polyurethane foam is likewise clean to deal with due to its lightness and flexibility. But in case you want extra than simply one soundproofing answer to your room, examine on.

    First, you could line your partitions with diverse products, like blankets, Mass Loaded Vinyl or MLV, and comparable rubber soundproofing substances.

    These will offer you with very excessive density and mass, as a way to assist with any echo issues you could have.

    An extremely good concept you could inspect is to transport your furnishings round. Cover as a lot of your wall with diverse matters, like cumbersome portions of furnishings, to save you sound from going via the partitions.

    Also, upload gentle substances as a lot as you could. You can try this through the usage of pillows, blankets, sofas, and different forms of gentle furnishings to soak up sound strength and save you them from bouncing round like they might in an open cell.

    Finally, upload textiles to drain partitions, whether or not you select to apply paintings, ornamental quilts, and blankets, anti-vibration pads, or foam wallpapers.

    Not most effective will this blended assist soundproof your room, however they may be additionally a brilliant manner to redesign your area!

    Ceilings and Floors

    One motive ceilings and flooring are distinctly hard to soundproof is that they may be maximum vulnerable to effect or shape-borne noise.

    Some humans select to cling dense substances or material on your ceiling.

    You can paintings on soundproofing your ground to lessen disturbances on your buddies.

    One can use carpets, MLV, rubber, or a mixture of those soundproofing substances to assist reduce effect noises.

    You also can use soundproofing foam carpet underlays if one has the greater budget. The motive those are unique is that they may be a lot thicker and fabricated from a extraordinary cloth than your wellknown carpet.

    My view on Does soundproofing with egg cartons Really Work

    Zoomed-in photo of acoustic foam panels

    While soundproofing with egg cartons can be a myth, there are nonetheless lots of alternatives available which are simply as affordable. We quite advocate the usage of foam.

    Acoustic foams are clean to maintain, affordable, and plenty extra powerful at noise discount.

    We desire the content material of this newsletter has helped clean matters up for you and helped you decide the proper mixture of substances and techniques to your soundproofing.

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