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How To Reduce Generator Noise : 10 Best Effective Ways Complete Guide

Generators are great for charging small to large devices. But people don't like generators because of their high noise level here is complete guide on how to reduce generator noise.

I know a generator quiet box is a good idea, but it adds weight and I don't like carrying it in the car when I go camping. However, if the battery is damaged, a generator is required.

If you have trouble finding the best portable generator, we have prepare the best generators for camping.

Luckily, I found the best way to reduce generator noise by 80-90% so I decided to share it with you.

For some reason, I think the generator set is better than the battery, but if you don't want to spoil the fun of your motorhome, cut out as reduce the noise as possible. Check out the best practices below!

Follow this trick. I am 100% sure that your generator that will not make any generate noise and you can camping with friends and family.

Note: some of the ideas I have used and some I have not, but I have researched all of these ideas and I am 100% sure they all work really well.

10 Best Ways How To Reduce Generator Noise

If you plan on camping in the garage or working on a project or doing something else, you will likely need to use generators.

If you don't use it and use electricity, it will cost more than a generator. You can't pay your electricity bill.

1: Using Rubber Mats To Reduce Generator Noise

The easiest way to reduce generator noise is to use soft, fire resistant and heavy duty rubber mat. Because most generator sound comes from vibrations.

However, the pedestal does not directly reduce noise, it can reduce generator vibration, and the smooth gap between the generator and the surface helps the generator not to generate vibrations.

Meanwhile, you'll find that your generator doesn't generate a lot of vibrations to bother you while camping or working.

I would recommend you to check out the 30GS heavy duty equipment mats, made in the USA and made by SuperMats.

I am using it at the moment and I am very happy with it. This works really well! Don't trust me to search

2: Using The Rubber Sheets For Generator Noise Reduction

Rubber sheet are a best way for for reduce generator noise. Cover the generator everywhere and you will feel that your generator is not making much noise.

You can do your job right and spend quality time with your family. As you know, tires are ideal for reducing noise. However, you will need to make an extra effort to do this.

I bet !. If you are using a second generation generator (inverter generator) you will most likely not hear sound.

The inner surface of the rubber sheet is rough and the outer surface is flat due to noise slowly being created through the sheet, thereby reducing normal noise.

The MATNIKS 6X6 rubber sheet is the best choice for noise reduction generators recommended by Amazon. You can check it.

3: Connect Muffler To Make a Generator Quieter

Adding muffler to a generator is a good idea as it can reduce noise from all types of vehicles such as motorbikes.

When you use it, you will feel the silence around you. Usually a muffler has 2 holes, the first on the top and the second on the bottom.

However, if you need to cut more than you can, you can add extra holes so that no sound is heard. Custom exhausts are great for generators.

You need to choose which mufflers is best for your needs as each will reduce the sound, but in a different way. This is the most important thing for soundproofing to generator noise.

I'm currently using a Briggs & Stratton 299477S muffler and I'm very happy with its performance. This is a super quiet generator muffler. You can check it out at Amazon

4: Changed The Position Vertically Of the Exhaust Pipe, To Reduce Generator Noise

Usually each exhaust pipe is horizontally connected to the generator. This can help you carry it from one place to another.

However, if you change the position of the exhaust pipe from horizontal to vertical, you will notice a reduced sound level.

The main reason for changing positions is to have the sound go straight to you in a horizontal position, making you feel more heard.

However, if you change the position vertically, the sound will not come to you right away. This way you will feel calm without much noise.

Many people try and I do this to get rid of the noise. I really don't like that much noise.

So I looked for the best way to reduce generator noise for you and me. You will not be disappointed.

5: Using Generator Quiet Box, To Make Your Generator Quieter

Have you ever seen a big generator that is always used in a big steel box? Why are these boxes used? These boxes are practical because the overall sound of the generator diminishes as you leave the box.

The major reason is to using this quiet box which reduces the volume to some extent. These sound deflectors are very useful and are also known as generator baffle box, and generator noise reduction box.

If you want to reduce the noise on your generator you can make this generator a quiet box as it is not available on Amazon.

I also used this quiet box but bought it from the store because I didn't know how to make it. You can do it too.

Usually this quiet box, is made of wood, but if you want to use iron, you can. But I recommend using wood instead of steel.

6: Keep a distance between you and the generator To Make A Generator Quieter

If you keep some distance between yourself and the generator, you may have heard low volume. That way you can do your job and enjoy your family camping.

If you are asking me how to quiet a generator for camping, then I suggested best method that encourage you to try this method. You will see great results. This idea might not reduce the noise much, but do reduce it a little by 10 to 15 dB, but it's fine.

The most important thing is that you have a long extension cord for generator and you find a good spot at a distance of 70-100 as this will help create the silence around you.

However, do not use broken cables as it is very dangerous to camp at home for work. You should use a heavy, long, new cable that is good for you.

If you don't have a long extension cord, we recommend using a (16/3) Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord made by Amazon

7: Using A Bucket Of Water, To Make A Generator Quiet For Camping

To make the generator quieter, simply attach the pipe to your generator and immerse the bottom of the pipe in the water. This is how you can reduce so much noise.

Because water determines the noise level at 50 to 70%. Have you tried to reduce noise this way during school? If not, why not?

I tried this at my school so I used this idea to quiet my generator. You can try it too. This serves as a water muffler for generator.

However, I do know that the generator makes so much noise that it's not our first choice to charge our device as a mobile or laptop. But if you try this I'm 100% sure you'll be disappointed.

In addition, make sure your pipes are in good condition and strong enough to withstand sound pressure levels.

If you don't have one, try this drinking water barrier, a 100-foot pipe from the Supply Giant. It's very strong and good for this job.

"The fun part: if you try this trick, your generator will make a funny sound like a fart."

8: Replaced Your Old Generator With New Ultra Quiet Inverter Generators

If you are using a first generation generator, you are wrong with nature and with yourself. Replace it with a new ultra quiet inverter generator which is nature friendly and very quiet.

This provides more power with less fuel and also makes less noise. Now the weather has changed. Now everyone is using second generation generators, which are called inverter generators.

In addition, this second generation generator has been completely modified from the old version. You get flexibility, light weight, more choice of fuel, very quiet and more.

Not only does the size vary from 50 to 60%, now the inverter generator is very small for your convenience.

And these car and RV ready inverter generators are very convenient for traveling and you can get on with camping easily. Most importantly, I think it is a good generator made of batteries.

However, if you need to reduce more noise, this inverter generator is a great way to try them all. This makes your inverter generator very quiet.

9: Try The generator Noise Reduction Barrier To Reduce Noise Level

We recommend using a generator noise reduction barrier between you and a noisy generator. I also used this trick and it worked 100%.

You can use a camping tent or free space for a noise barrier. So the voice doesn't come to you right away. This way you won't hear threatening sounds.

Also noise reduction barrier, this trick may not work at home because not everyone may have an empty room. However, if you have a warehouse, you can use this trick because no one lives in the warehouse. Am I right ha?

Most importantly, this trick always works when camping. You can use anything as a barrier, tree or other object. This noise reduction enclosure work great with your generator.

I recommend using the Acoustic Panels Foam Wedges barrier with the 12 pack of Foamily acoustic panels to reduce sound levels.

10: Using Generator Muffler Silencer, To Create Silence Around You

This extension can reduce noise by 50 to 60% and is part of the silencer. If you think the sound is not as quiet as you would like, you can use a silencer with your muffler to quieter the things.

Apart from that, the silencers also help you to increase the stability of the power supply unit. However, the downside is that the shape looks really weird. However, this extension can easily plug into your muffler.

And you can carry it easily. Just attached it to your muffler and enjoy the silence. The biggest advantage of this silencer is that your generator will be environmentally friendly and silent.

It is very easy to connect the exhaust to your muffler. However, if you don't use an exhaust without a muffler, you probably won't feel much of a change

After using this trick, you will find that your generator doesn't make any generator noise.

You can try these acoustic silencer high efficiency G3 / 4 mufflers for the multi-stage ABM / AL and Vacuforce AM generators. This is an excellent exhaust with more noise reduction options.

These are some of my tried and true methods of reducing generator noise that you can try. All of these tricks are included in the generator soundproof material which you can easily try.

Why is your generator too loud?

There are so many reasons why your generator makes as much noise as the built-in materials is in it or other things that you blame your generator for.

Maybe the innate material is connected to something else. The more energy you need, the more noise you have to make.

I recommend using a generator below 4000W or lower as you won't feel much noise at this level.

If you are using an inverter generator this is great because it produces much less volume and has good fuel and energy efficiency.

However, if you only want a first generation generator, check the bearings first as some manufacturers offer rubber pads for noise reduction and others don't.

Most importantly, some brands provide an Eco mode in their generators to ensure smooth and quiet operation. When you start this eco mode, the engine speed automatically regulates fuel consumption.

And reduce energy consumption as noise. That's great ha! In addition, the type of fuel plays a role in noise levels as a diesel power generator, perhaps much more powerful than a gas power generator.

Wraping Up On Best Ways How To Reduce Generator Noise

In short, we can say that all these options are great and you can try one or more ways to reduce the noise to your liking.

And it is very important for soundproofing generator noise, You can use this trick to reduce noise by nearly 70 to 80%.

Also, water tricks are amazing how would I know? because I have tried and it works like a very super quiet generator muffler so you don't need to use another muffler.

You can try this trick with your normal generator as well as your inverter generator. However, inverter generators work fine when you use this trick.

Some noise canceling products are available on Amazon, others it is not as if the generator quiet box is not available on So you have to do it yourself.

Let me know what you think about how to reduce generator noise or if I forgot to add a useful trick, comment below. This will be seen.

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