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(5 Tips) Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring to Reduce Noise

Underlayments are material that is use undered the floor for covered to provide a smoothy surface and absorbing most of the moisture. The main advantage is noise reduction. But what is the best underlayment for laminate flooring to Reduce noise?

I know you're curious, and the best part is I've checked out the best collection, of the underlayment for the laminate flooring to reduce noise.

When making my bedroom floor soundproof with laminate flooring, I looked for the same questions and my best finds listed in this detailed guide.

The choice of Underlayments depends on the floor covering. If you use laminate flooring, you must know what is laminate flooring.

Laminates are more durable and elastic because they are made of pressed wood.

Laminate flooring is very easy to put down and forget about the type of flooring that looks glossy and is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. However, there is a problems with impact noise.

But do you need underlayment for laminate flooring?

my opinion suggest yes, but why?

We have studied the difference between in airborne noise and structure borne noise. There, the main source of noise that appears in the building is the floor due to collisions of objects or steps.

This can be overcome with the help of a underlayment, as it not only provides a smooth surface to an uneven subfloor for laminated floor covering, but also contributes to noise insulation and moisture resistance.

The underlayment is hidden directly under the floor covering and cannot be seen from the floor covering, which causes an increase in the mass of the floor covering making it a strong noise barrier.

You won't believe it, but it is best to use laminate flooring underlayment. If you live between existing floors, avoid making noise from people living underneath your house or apartment.

But what is, the best underlay for laminate flooring, to reduce noise that fits your budget and is easy to installing?

Below are my top 5 soundproof underlayment for laminate flooring.

Best 5 Underlayment for Laminating Flooring to Reduces Noise

The underlayment listed below are organized based on the budget and ratings users have provided since their experience.

I have decided to shorten this list to only the top 5 so as not to get confused and better choose the right product.

Read the conclusion at the end of the guide for an overview of what is best for laminate flooring.

Strong Vapor Barrier 3mm, Laminate Flooring Underlayments by Floorlot

It is a highly recommended underlay for laminate and engineered floating floors as it has a roll surface coating of up to 200 square feet.

It include a moistures and vapor barrier, 3mm thick enough to fit under laminate floor covering, and create a smoothy base for top floor covering.

This provides excellent insulation against foot noise and minimizes the perforated noise associated with floating floors.

Installation is easy with the aid of removal and adhesive tapes and coating systems, which provide a firm seal and require no additional film for the vapor barrier.


Suitable for laminate, hardwood, bamboo and wood flooring.

Each roll has a finish of 200 square meters.

The ability to hide even minor imperfections on the subfloor.

These underlayment offer excellent cushioning even with joint problems.

The average price per square meter is $ 0.21, which is cheaper than other local stores.

Due to the attach adhesive strip, no additional tape is required.

It is good value for money. There you'll get a underlayment with a built-in vapor barrier, which is blue with sound-absorbing foam on the other side for easy installation.

3in1 Strong Vapor Barrier, Laminate Flooring Underlayment, by Bestlaminate

If you can cover a large area of ​​up to 1000 square feet, the underlayment offered by Bestlaminate are the ideal cost-effective solution.

This is a collection of 10 rolls in one pack, with a top area of ​​up to 100 square feet per roll. The thickness of each roll is approx. 2 mm.

It has a pre-assembled faucet that seals out noise and creates a strong vapor barrier.

It is especially suitable for wooden and cement subfloor, but should not be used under concrete floors as it is an excellent solution for both, laminate and engineered floating floors.

It can handle up to 1/8-inch-small high point on the subfloor for leveling purposes. So don't expect more.

You can compare this to the first thickness, but as I said, it's the best for the price and is known and tested by thousands of customers.


The thickness is 2 mm.

This is a pack of 10 rolls (100 square feet each).

He tightened the tap to close it completely.

This underlayment is good value for money.

Don't expect these underlayment to flatten the floor.

This underlayment works best for the values ​​available. As previously mentioned, don't expect basic leveling. Available in blue.

3in1 Heavy Duty Foams, Thick Underlayments by AMERIQUE

If you cover a moderate distance area of ​​up to 200 square feet, this thick, heavy duty foam underlayment offered by AMERIQUE, is the best cost-effective solution.

This is a 2 roll pack with up to 200 square feet each for a total of 400 square feet with a 2 roll package.

It's 3mm thick enough with covered foam technology to reduce noise with its light blue appearance as a strong barrier to moisture or vapor.

Like other bearings, it features tape and anti-squeeze technology for great performance and durability.

It is ideal for bamboo, wood, floating and laminate flooring, with mildew and moisture protection.


It is made of closed foam technology with a thickness of 3mm for excellent noise reduction.

It has anti-blackmail technology for great performance.

This is a 2-roll pack covering 200 square feet each for a total of 400 square feet.

Problems can arise when lying down because it is not too flat on the floor.

What I'm going to say is you wouldn't expect much with this underlayment, but yes it does what you expect. Here and there problems can arise when attaching or gluing several parts together.

The First Step, 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment by Roberts:

The name itself provides a total area of ​​approximately 630 square feet which is suitable for both, laminated engineered hardwood floating floors.

It has a styrofoam bed that softens between the top and bottom plastic layers for air circulation, which suppresses moisture to protect the floor.

It uses self-adhesive tape and a clear 4 film wipe film that seals perfectly between multiple rolls.

They also listed a Sound Transmission Class (STC), of arounding (67), which is more than necessary for the, (52) soundproof material, and an Impact Isolation Class (IIC), (68) which is too good.

We recommend using a little correction for the subfloor basic level and reducing noise and creating a calm atmosphere.


It is designed for use on concrete slabs and wooden subfloors.

Creates an air circulation pocket that inhibits mold growth.

Help with a little correction to the subfloor.

With a high STC 67 and IIC 68 with an R value of 0.40.

This provides a tight seal due to the additional 4 inches of overlap.

It has an approximate thickness of up to 3 mm.

These underlayment are perhaps the best and the most competitive when compared to the underlayment mentioned above. Provides excellent moisture seal and reduces noise due to the high STC rating.

QuietWalk : Underlayment for Laminated Flooring, by MP Global Products:

It is suitable for laminated, floating engineered techniques and uxury vinyl plank up to 5mm in size and thickness.

It's made of recycled fiber that absorbs most of the noise and blocks noise from getting to other areas of the room.

The Quietwalk underlayment has a pressure-resistant support that fits in place to maintain pressure on the overlying floor above.

It has a vapor barrier in place that protects the floor from harmful moisture and allows heat to penetrate evenly while protecting the floor from heat shock.

It can be installed over a wooden or concrete subfloor covering a rolling area of ​​100 square feet and has STC 66 and IIC 22 with an R value of 0.58.


Provides strong protection against moisture.

Ability to cover 100 square feet of roll area.

Lie on the floor without waves.

Not too thin or too thick and has no petrochemical smell.

Superior for noise reduction

The fibers of underlayment are efficient enough to absorb most moisture and are easy to cut with a regular knife so there are no installation problems.

My Opinion Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring to Reduce Noise

First of all, all laminated flooring definitely need a underlayment, and out of the 5 floors listed above, I would recommend using the underlayment provided by Floorlot and Step One.

But here too, it's up to you which size or area you want to cover and which price and budget you have set. But when we're choosing underlayment, I'd recommend choosing one with high STC, IIC, and R. values.

The underlayment should be a vapor or moisture barrier and have strong insulation against noise. If you asked me to pick three of the five above, here are my best finds.

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