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    Best Silent Mouse for Gaming - 7 Lightweight and High DPI Mouse


    Best Silent Mouse for Gaming

    If you are a serious gamer, you need to find the quietest gaming mouse or best silent mouse for gaming because I like to play games, but the problem is the ticking noise that makes people worry about me when playing games.

    So I looked for the best silent mouse for gaming or quietest gaming mouse, but I also found some interesting facts about gaming mouse that are different from conventional mouse.

    A gaming mouse doesn't just have a cursor and left-right buttons. For the best experience lately the mouse has added additional features which will enhance your gaming experience.

    So if you're interested in my best shot of a quiet gaming mouse, I know your pick will be different from mine. That's why I've listed all 7 of the best mice you'd prefer to buy based on your budget.

    But before you buy anything, you should be aware of the features of the best mouse which are not only quiet but also provide you with a high-end gaming experience.

    What Should you Check for The Quiet Gaming Mouse?

    You know how accurate and responsive your mouse is when gaming, and the other part is in-game comfort.

    So I've listed below five features that you should always check with a gaming mouse.

    Optical to laser sensor

    Most conventional mouse are optical or LED sensors, but a good choice for a gaming mouse is a laser sensor as it determines the reactivity of your actions.

    Laser sensors understand deeper support when soft or hard and provide a better experience because all mice used to have LEDs. Now you have to choose a laser sensor or optical sensor developed by Pixart.

    High DPI and CPI for the Mouse

    DPI means dots per inch. Ideally, gaming mouse are recommended to use a maximum DPI of 10,000 or more, which is less than 1,000 DPI for a traditional mouse.

    DPI is the mouse's ability to move the cursor one inch on the screen. This means that the higher the DPI, the more sensitive and accurate the mouse is.

    However, CPI is the physical resolution of the camera used in the mouse sensor, which scans per inch. So try to go for a higher DPI and CPI if the expected minimum DPI is more than 6000.

    Also check that the survey speed must be at least 125 Hz / s.

    Wireless or Wired Gaming Mouse

    Well this is your personal choice as conventional mouse used to be a little less responsive but are now much more competent than wired ones thanks to technology.

    The sensitive mouse and keyboard will enhance your gaming experience as you don't have to rush with cables and all. But they cost a little more than cable.

    Weight and personalization functions

    How can you ignore the mouse weight that determines your gaming experience? Nowadays, specially designed mice have more than 10 buttons that you can use to control most games from the mouse.

    They even have a button in the middle that allows you to adjust the weight and other keys used for playing can be customized as keyboard shortcuts.

    So you need to have at least 6-7 buttons around the mouse to take your game to the next level and have more control over your fingers.

    Design or the Grip of the Gaming Mouse

    How can you ignored the mouse design, since conventional mouse are mostly similar in design, because performance is less important than gaming mouse?

    You're also using a gaming mouse for a long time. So, make sure it fits right in your hand and the shape is easy to use and the ergonomic design is very comfortable.

    In addition, the mouse should be very quiet when you press several times. Otherwise you will always need a separate place to play your game because you will know how many times per minute you make a tic sound.

    Well, if you know very well the features of the best silent gaming mouse, I will give you the best mouse collection.

    The Best Silent Mouse for Gaming

    The following collections are presented based on their responsiveness or reactivity. I've highlighted the main features that will make it easier for you to work out which one looks better than the other.

    Let me give you the quietest gaming mouse or Best Silent Mouse for Gaming out there.

    1. Gwolves Hati Ultra Lightweight, Wired Gaming Mouse

    If you prefer a wired gaming mouse, we recommend the ultralightweight gaming mouse from Gwolves.

    This mouse has a honeycomb shape whose higher resolution at 12000 DPI is the best and the highest you can expect from all.

    For better personalization, you have a total of 6 buttons with 4 free rubber mouse handles for a better experience.

    For higher accuracy it is important for the sensor and the Gwolves Hati which offers the Pixart 3360 sensor and you may know that the pixart is one of the best optical sensor manufacturers.

    The best thing is the mouse, which also offers 2 dustproof TTC switches with a 30 million click lifespan for free. For information on DPI settings, please visit the official website for drivers and software.

    Main Specifications:

    The wired mouse weighs almost 61 g.

    Adjustable DPI function

    Get 4 Rubber mouse grips for Free.

    Get 2 dustproof TTC switches with a lifetime of 30 million clicks for free.

    It also has an Omron microswitch with 20 million clicks.

    Get an extra steam code cable

    2. Razer DeathAdder V2, Fastest Gaming Mouse

    Due to its design, this mouse is best suited for the right hand and weighs approximately 82 g slightly heavier than Gwolves.

    This mouse returns to the same list as wired mouse and is best for only the largest palm size. But here you have to remember that you have to register on the website to use the mouse, which annoys me a bit.

    Once logged in, you should be able to download software that will allow you to customize the functionality of the 8 built-in buttons.

    This mouse offers more DPI with an optical sensor of more than 20K + DPI with the new fastest optical gaming switch and features a rubber side grip for a better gaming experience.

    Main Specifications:

    It has a total of 8 programmable buttons.

    It offers 20K DPI for excellent responsiveness.

    It has Chroma RGB lighting.

    This is a wired gaming mouse.

    Mouse weighs approximately 82+ g.

    You will need to create a Razer account to use a mouse.

    3. Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Now about your choice of wireless silent mouse. This is Razer hyperspeed wireless technology from Bluetooth or Razer Wireless Razer which uses the 25% fastest mouse in the wireless category.

    There are two ways to use the mouse. One via bluetooth and the other using hyperspeed wireless network. The integrated battery life is 450 hours and 285 hours for Bluetooth or wireless.

    It has a total of 6 programmable buttons with a durable mechanical switch that supports nearly 50 million clicks in a lifetime with an average of 20 to 30 million with a 2 year warranty.

    Approximate mouse weight over 106 g with included battery. It is larger than the 2 above and is a right hand designed shape but lacks colored lighting features.

    It has a resolution of around 16K DPI and the button above is configured to change the DPI between 800,1800,3600,7200.16000. However, changes may be made depending on your factory setup requirements.

    Main Specifications:

    It has a total of 6 programmable switch numbers.

    This is a wireless mouse with bluetooth and wireless compatibility.

    The DPI of a gaming mouse is 16K.

    A game switch with an age of 50 million.

    The average battery life is 350 hours.

    It has no color lighting function.

    The mouse weighs 83 g without battery and about 106 g with battery.

    4. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

    How about forgetting Logitech gaming mice because they also have the, best silent gaming wireless mouse for quiet gaming with adjustable weight and a higher resolution of around 16000 DPI.

    Logitech has an internal battery with a lifespan of around 60 hours. After that, you need to charge the battery. However, if you have a powerplay wireless charger, you don't have to worry about charging the mouse.

    However, this Powerplay wireless charging, is sold separately, so it's a bit expensive overall.

    It has 11 programmable switches that you can configure using Logitech G Hub software to activate switches for in-game shortcuts.

    The RGB lighting function that was missing on the Razer Basilisk X has been replaced by Light Sync RGB technology with an incredible 16.8 million colors.

    Main Specifications:

    It has a total of 11 programmable switch numbers.

    The DPI of a gaming mouse is 16K.

    Possibility to adjust weight in 6 different areas according to your needs.

    With RGB light sync, you can achieve more than 16.8 million colors.

    The mouse's battery life is only 60 hours, but Powerplay can be charged wirelessly.

    5. Best Multi PICTECK with, Fire Button Gaming Mouse

    This is a wired gaming mouse with fire buttons where one click equals 3 left clicks. The mouse is cheaper, so offering a lower resolution is still suitable for gaming as it offers 7200 DPI.

    It has 4 queries from 125 Hz to 100 Hz for high and level motion and a total of 8 programmable switches that have been configured with the PICTECK Easy Gaming software.

    It has a built-in RGB function to light up saturation with over 16 million color choices, making it a great gaming experience for casual gamers.

    It has a T16 game switch for computers with a click duration of around 20 million and a quick release button gives you an added advantage when playing intense shooting games.

    The DPI value can be set in the range from 500 to 7200 using the switch on the top of the mouse. Cable length approx. 6 feet.

    Main Specifications:

    It has a total of 8 programmable switches.

    The DPI for a gaming mouse has an adjustable value from 500-7.2K DPI.

    RGB chroma lighting function with over 16 million color options.

    Wired mouse with a cable length of approximately 5.9 feet.

    Quick click button with 1 click = 3 left clicks

    Ergonomic symmetrical design for a great feeling.

    6. ZIYOU LANG, Wired Lightweight Gaming Mouse

    This is again in the category, of wired mouse with a total weight of about 69 g. lightweight mouse makes it easier for you to move the mouse.

    The total DPI for a mouse is 6400 DPI, with 6 adjustable DPI settings using the buttons on the top of a gaming mouse with a maximum dial frequency between 125 Hz and 1000 Hz.

    It has a total of 7 programmable buttons that use the mouse driver software and a total of 7 different RGB lighting modes and effects. Ergonomic mouse design with better grip and better accuracy.

    This may be the perfect solution for PC, Xbox, and PS4 gamers, but the DPI isn't that much higher so you may experience accuracy issues when playing high voltage games.

    Main Specifications:

    It has a total of 7 programmable switches.

    The DPI of the game has 6 adjustable from 800-6.4K DPI.

    You have the option to set a total of 6 different lighting options with the RGB Streaming Magic Light.

    Honeycomb shape with honeycomb shape for perfect grip.

    Wired gaming mouse.

    Sunplus optical sensor

    The gaming mouse weighs approximately 69 g.

    7. PICTECK Wired, Gaming Mouse with 7 Buttons

    This is another great collection from the PICTECK gaming mouse with 7 button configuration options as the previously released PICTECk has a total of 8 buttons with 1 pre-trigger button that is not.

    It has a maximum DPI of up to 7200 and can be set in a total range of 5 by default. In addition, it has a measurement range between 125 Hz to 1000 Hz.

    It has a cool LED backlight with 16 million color variations and a comfortable nail design to make gaming more comfortable.

    The life of the switches is about 30 million clicks, which is the industry average.

    This mouse doesn't have built-in battery capability, it's more of a plug-and-play gaming mouse, but an affordable solution for less than $ 20.

    Main Specifications:

    It has a total of 7 programmable switches.

    DPI gaming mouse 5 can be adjusted from 1200 to 67200 DPI.

    You have the option to set a total of 16 million different lighting options.

    Symmetrical design to reduce sweating and comfortable ergonomic design.

    Wired gaming mouse with optical sensor.

    The game switch will have a lifespan of about 30 million.

    Mouse weighs about 130 g plus larger

    Wraping up on best silent gaming mouse with high DPI:

    When purchasing the best silent gaming mouse or mouse, you should check the DPI and the number of profile options available for configuring the DPI.

    All recommended mice must have a few ticking noise or sound.

    But while playing, I think it's really important to draw our attention to the fact that he's doing the action, and now you've pressed something. Choosing a wireless or wired mouse should be your choice.

    Make sure the higher the DPI, the more accurate or accurate. Among the optical and laser sensors, you can find a mouse that fits your budget because the most common gaming mouse that is offered is an optical sensor.

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