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    Best Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV): The Most Effective and Easiest Solution for Soundproofing


    Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV

    When making a soundproofing source, the first thing to do is a heavy, dense material that is good enough to block sound waves. However, this is not the case with mass loaded vinyl. this is also known as MLV.

    Best Mass loaded vinyl is designed in such a way that the thickness to mass ratio is very competitive when compared to other soundproofing alternatives. Therefore, the previously used lead soundproofing is now being replaced by MLV.

    Today, mass loaded vinyl is the most trusted choice for residential and commercial use for soundproofing private space or offices, or dampen noise vibration.

    Have you tried MLV or are you planning to buy MLV? Then be sure to read the details of this guide, which contains important information from multiple sources, to give you an idea of ​​what is MLV and why it is important for soundproofing, and how it work.

    We also bring you the best mass loaded vinyl and home benefits and their best mass loaded vinyl alternatives. Before we dive into MLV, let's first learned what is Mass loaded vinyl.

    What is Mass loaded Vinyl? Full detail

    Anyone planning soundproofing will look at Mass loaded vinyl as this is the single best material that provides you with the thickness best mass ratio.

    Do you know how much important of this ratio? If not, let me explain.

    Since sound waves come from any source, they have two different properties in the real world or have passed through another barrier and moved forward or back. In other words, what do we call Sound Absorbing and Soundproofing?

    Sound absorbing is possible if the materials is soft enough that sound waves can pass and fall between the end layers like a soundproof blanket. However, the soundproofing materials reflects sound waves, which prevents the passage of unwanted noise.

    Mass loaded Vinyl, is a soundproofing material because its outer surface is reflective, which means it doesn't absorb sound waves, but prevents them from passing through.

    Ideally, sound blocking is very effective if the material is quite dense, meaning thick material with high mass. However, this is not the case with MLV.

    MLV is made thinner and more elastic and consists of minerals such as barium sulfate or other solid particles. Fiber is the most commonly used material.

    It was first developed as a non-toxic material as an alternative to the soundproofing materials of lead, which is mainly used for soundproofing. However, as the development increases, the absorption capacity increases and is used as the main source of soundproofing material in different products.

    Is Mass Loaded Vinyl Safe or Not?

    Knowing whether or not MLV is safe enough is always a fundamental concern and there are reasons to ask how using barium sulfate as the primary material in MLV, which is naturally poisonous, can harm your health.

    Yes, I have read from various sources that in the case of MLV, barium sulfate is insoluble in water and therefore poses no health risk. Do you have to worry about flammability now?

    To be honest, yes, it is designed to withstand high temperatures and can ignite because of the plasticizer. However, compared to other MLV alternatives such as acoustic foam, it is better to have MLV for best soundproofing.

    Usage of Mass Loaded Vinyl?

    The main use of MLVs is soundproofing, which can be in any area around the house or car or RV, or any place where you want to keep quiet, from unwanted noise.

    Create a sound blocker

    The MLV can be used for temporary purposes by hanging it around a noise source. It is like a thin sheet of paper that can be hung from a pipe.

    If you are dealing with a lot of machines making unwanted noise, you can cover them with MLV sheets which can be used to dampen vibrations and noise.

    Using in SoundProof Curtains and Blankets

    The best and cheapest solution for soundproof any house, room or studio is to use a blankets and curtains, which are also made of acoustic dense materials.

    In most cases, MLV is used as a mixture of different materials to improve the sound blocking capabilities of the curtains or blankets.

    Basically people who record music in the studio use MLV sheets on a ceiling or on a wall to create an effective sound block from the outdoors.

    Using in Car and RV

    MLV is widely used in cars for better sound quality, which minimizes sound distortion and improves sound quality.

    It is also used to minimize vibrations in the car or RV while driving because it has an adhesive character that easily sticks to the floor or ceiling of a car or RV.

    Ideally, it should be used under carpets to cover most areas effectively as the material can be easily cut with scissors.

    SoundProof A wall or ceiling

    If you have trouble with neighbors because of a thin layer of drywall, the best, inexpensive and effective solution is to cover the walls with MLV.

    MLV helps block sound waves coming from the other side of the wall and minimizes the noise and vibration of sound waves.

    In the same way, it can be used on the ceiling to help counter sound waves from the upper floors of the house, as its main task is to reflect back anything coming from the other side of the room.

    There are several uses of the MLV above and because of its flexible and thin nature you can use it anywhere to reduce noise.

    Now let's discuss the pros and cons of MLV.

    Complete Advantages and disadvantages of Mass Loaded Vinyl

    With regard to using MLV, it makes sense to discuss the reasons for using MLV, what makes it the best, and why it is highly recommended in the noise control industry.

    We have emphasized almost everything, but here I will describe each category in a separate section and discuss the pros and cons of taking advantage of MLV.

    The Advantages of MLV

    Well, it's clear to identify the benefits of using MLV, what makes it more important, and what makes you want to use MLV as a soundproofing material.

    Low Mass and Thin Material:

    Obviously, the MLV is as thin as a sheet of paper that is easy to fold and can easily hang at any corner. Compared to other soundproof materials, due to the increase in mass, it is thicker, which makes it heavier.

    However, this is not the case with MLV as it is lighter, which makes your installation job easier.

    Naturally flexible:

    As I said, thickness determines the kind of flexibility a material has, and MLV has a thinner shape, so it's a little bit flexible or elastic. If you choose to use another soundproofing material such as drywall which is inherently strong.

    It can only be used on walls or hard surfaces, but you can't use this to block other things like pipes and vents.

    High STC:

    In soundproofing, the ability of a material to block or withstand sound waves can be measured by a factor called its sound transmission class (STC).

    The MLV STC is superior to other materials and the best thing about MLV is the STC with high mass and less space, making it ideal for soundproofing a room.

    STCs can vary in sheet metal thickness, they are a little bit very thin but a little thick so you can choose the best one if necessary.

    The disadvantages of MLV

    MLV is much better than other materials, making it more suitable for mounting on existing walls or ceilings or other angles to minimize noise blocking materials.

    The price is a little high, which makes it difficult for everyone to use widely. The average price per square meter is $ 3-4.

    Therefore, if you're on a budget, consider the Mass loaded vinyl alternatives we'll cover at the end of the guide.

    Price aside, I think if you want to soundproof your house, I don't think you need to worry.

    Let me introduce you to the Mass Loaded Vinyl and how to choose the best Mass Loaded Vinyl.

    Best Mass Loaded Vinyl

    There is no limited seller for MLV, there are 1000+ sellers in various flavors on the online store, but I found the basic reviews you need to do before buying MLV.

    We have to look for advantages such as STC results and adhesiveness as well as what we can say about its thickness and durability in a long time and of course it will cover the existing walls which means the MLV color is also important.

    I found an MLV from Acoustimac SoundProofing (Amazon) that claims to have the STC 27, weighs about 1 pound per square foot, is about 1/8 inch thick, and has excellent sound blocking properties.

    It has rolls of approx. 4 "* 12.5" which are easiest to transports and can covers wall up to 50 square meter. It's great for home, college, teaching and medicine in any field you want.

    This is not the end of a product. There is one more list that you can review before purchasing any product. So if you want to see the best selling products please click on the link below.

    Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV (Amazon)

    Hope you make your budget decisions as best you can, but keep in mind the parameters we discussed earlier. But what if you want an MLV alternatives?

    Mass Loaded Vinyl ALternatives:

    Well, if you've been through each one then you probably already know the MLV idea and its benefits, but due to the high price tag, you should probably try Mass loaded vinyl alternatives if it's not within your budget.

    Use of SoundProof Drywall

    Drywall can be used in place of MLV, which has an STC of between 40 and 50 and is best used when you're up against noisy neighbors.

    Drywall installation can be a mechanical process where you hang up the resilient first instead of finishing the wall joints and painting it later.

    This drywall can also be coated with MLV if necessary. At this point, make sure you cut the MLV to a specific size and that each section overlaps at least 2 inches.

    To learn how to soundproof a wall using Drywall, here is the best guide on how drywall is effective, enough for soundproofing.

    Using of SoundProof Blankets

    The SoundProof Blanket is another effective solution that consists of two layers, with the top layer being a transparent layer and the middle layer being a bit thick.

    Allows transmission and capture of sound waves and absorption of 60-70% of sound waves leading to reduced noise in the room.

    It can be used on doors or windows to maximize sound absorption capacity and learn more about what is SoundPorof Blanket make sure you visit this guide.

    Using of SoundProof Curtain

    SoundProof curtains are the cheap solution for absorbing sound waves when you are dealing with echoes in your home or room.

    The main source of noise in the home is through windows. If you can cover it with curtains, it can absorb sound waves.

    How soundproof curtains or drapes works, and the best SoundProof curtain collections can be found in the detailed guide.

    Therefore, there are several alternatives that you can use to soundproof a house, without; Mass Loaded Vinyl alternatives.

    My Opinion on MLV

    MLV is an expensive ways to soundproofing, but when that much price investment can achieve your goals, it's worth the investment.

    Many studies show that you can increase the quality or productivity of your work by eliminating unwanted noise from your workplace or living area.

    Mass loaded vinyl is one of the best ways to help you in this part where all you have to deal with is price. So make your own choice and tell our readers what you think about MLV.

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